They say it’s your birthday!



On July 27, 2012, I created a toon for The Angel Project.  An hour later, I had finished training the skills I needed to create a corporation for her, and The Angel Project was officially launched.  I never in a million years thought I would gain the support I have.  I started this endeavor on a selfish whim, ironically.  I didn’t want to be in an alliance known for their high levels of douchebaggery.  Mind you, I was okay with the douchbaggery, but I didn’t want that to be my legacy.  I wanted to be more.  I wanted to help.

Now here we are.

Because of the efforts of dozens of people, billions in isk have been donated and thousands of ship have exploded.  No– literally, thousands.  New players and old players alike have been gifted with things they needed and even some things flashier things that they didn’t.  People are starting to see the power of “nice” in our universe– starting to see that one person can make a difference, if they try.

I could go on forever with my Haley-Joel-Osment-Pay-It-Forward gushing about how awesome all of you are and how good it feels to give back, but that’s not why we’re here.  We’re here to celebrate.


From now until August 27, new players can send an Eve mail to The Angel Project (that’s the name of the toon), a tweet or reply to this post.  I will put all the names into a hat and draw out 7 winners.  Before you go create a new account, let me state the one and only rule: ALL ACCOUNTS* MUST BE MORE THAN 45 DAYS AND LESS THAN ONE YEAR OLD!!!  I’m using today’s date, July 23rd, to determine ages.  All participants will be audited.  Y’all know me, I try hard to keep everyone honest.  This seemed like the best way to do that. Sooooooooo yeah.  Send new players to me for this and it’ll be awesome.

“But aren’t you going to tell us what the prizes are, Sindel?”

Of course!

Five Second Prize winners will receive a profession starter pack.  You may choose from:

Planetary Interaction

Obviously, these prize packs vary in size and value, but on average, there’s about 300-500 million isk worth of ships, mods, and skillbooks included in each.  THIS JUST IN: In addition, each winner will also receive a 50-day game time code, courtesy of my good friends at CCP.  Awesome, right?


One First Prize winner gets a new pimp-fit Daredevil.  Why a Daredevil, you ask?  I’ve flown my fair share of shiny over the last couple of years and the Daredevil is some of the most fun I’ve had.  Flashy, sexy, and fast as hell, it’s the perfect ship to kick around in– just make sure you remove the SIX PLEX from the cargohold first.

Seriously.  Don’t be that guy.


One Grand Prize winner will receive their choice of any racial Strategic Cruiser fit with their choice of PvP, PvE, or Exploration mods.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  Training to fly a T3 properly takes a little over 4 months, Sindel.  Not to worry.  That’s why I’m sticking TWELVE PLEX in it.  Problem solved.  You’re welcome.  In addition to these awesome in-game prizes, CCP is giving my Grand Prize winner their very own Eve Collector’s Edition, so they can die in style in a shiny gold pod and plug their shit into a teeny, tiny Rifter.


fucking hell


Well, there you go.  Please go spread the word for the next month!!!  All new players are encouraged to enter, and who knows?!?!?!  If I generate enough interest, I may just add more prizes!!!  Thank you again for all of your support, love and donations.  Keep your eyes out on August 27th for the announcement of the winners!









* PLEASE try to limit your entries to one per account.  This may or may not be verified (still awaiting word from CCP).

221 thoughts on “They say it’s your birthday!

  1. Oh how I wish I qualified. What a wonderful giveaway. I came back to EVE for a fresh start and as someone incredibly down on their luck IRL, it’d be a godsend. Unfortunately, I don not qualify, my character is only a couple of days old! >o<

    Good luck to everyone who DOES get to play and win!

    Have fun everyone!

    • Write to The Angel Project in-game. I can still help you, even if you can’t enter the contest this time.

  2. My character, Bronto Scorpio, was made in November of 2012, I would like to sign up for the contest dealy :D

    Ive love PvPing but rarely rarely have time to even log onto play eve, and when I do I have even less time to do missions/stuff to get ISKies

  3. I was thinking how cool this was and that I wish I qualified… then I saw your requirements. I guess I still fit right in the middle of ‘new’ and I do!

  4. Just re-subbed to the game after finishing the trial. You’re contest is awesome and it is great that you are doing this for all the new players!

    Also, Happy Birthday to the Angel Project!

  5. Hey I would love to participate in this, started playing 3/2/2013 and just got into a null-sec alliance, having great fun out here! My character name is Bamboo Del.
    Thanks for doing this !

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  7. Happy birthday Angel Project! congrats on making it this long. It’s great work you do for the community and now this awsome contest, keep it up. Also i sent eve mail but i am just double checking my odds lol. So yea i would like to enter as well so sign me up hehe. Shred Bane is character name, and my creation date is 2013/03/18. Thanks for the great contest! and i hope i win! lol

  8. I’d love to enter myself into this. Name is char name and Birthday is 04-04-13. Fingers crossed, and good luck everyone.

  9. Hello,

    I just started Eve with some friends of mine. I think we’re all under two months or so and we would love a hand up!

    I’m Quixotic Quail Quantifier; I’ll direct my friends here and they can enter separately if they wish. I didn’t know about the Angel Project at all until now!

  10. Hi ,
    I’m fairly new to the game and would love to enter into the Birthday celebration giveaway .
    Awesome idea !!!!!

  11. Have a wonderful birthday Angel Project !!! I Started playing Eve May 1/2013 and I love this game :)

  12. I would like to enter the giveaway, I started May 5, 2013. I love the fact that this project is here to help new players to the game

  13. Very cool idea. Nice to see not everyone is a James315. Pity my account is not old enough yet :( Only started a couple of days ago :(

  14. Excellent idea and congratulations on your first year. Really nice to see helpful people who will go out of their way to help newbs. Keep up the good work!

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  16. My account was created less than a year ago!!! I would like to enter! Thanks! my character has the same name that I use here (Justin Einstein)

  17. bummer. I started my first trial membership (friend ref feral) like 10 days ago and just bought my membership today. Why 45 days? Oh well…

    • Hey. I’m sorry you don’t make the age requirement. :( The reason it’s there is because there are trials that are up to 30-days long. It doesn’t make sense to give such expensive prizes to trial accounts. By requiring entries to be 45 days old, I’m ensuring prizes go to subscribers. Also, by creating a minimum age, I’m hindering veteran players from creating an alt to “cheat” the system.

      I can still help you, though. Send me an Eve mail; I’d be happy to set you up with some stuff!

  18. I started out totally absorb by the awesomeness of the experience. I’ve been around since December 2012 and feel like I’ll never be more than a newbie. Been KIA 60 times. Decided I’d better go into mining so I have enough ISK to survive my own mortality or lack thereof. At least I have over 2 billion now and I can go back to dying again. Or if I have learned enough maybe I can kill others before they get me. My worst loss, Dominix. I’m so humiliated.

  19. I would also like to put my name in the drawing…Character name : Rex Mortisanti and my birthday is 2013.07.07

  20. OK, I either just qualify as a newbie or haven’t quite been running long enough, I am not sure. So on the off chance I have, here is my entry, Yayyyyyyyyyyy for who ever wins

  21. I would love to enter! Sadly I left EVE awhile ago after being trapped with all my stuff in a wormhole. I have been wanting to give EVE another shot and this would be a perfect opportunity to do so!
    My in-game name is the same as here. YES I know it is misspelled.. sadly..

  22. This is a pretty freaking awesome contest. Good luck to everyone! And no, I’m not entering as my main is too old XD

  23. Congrats on you’re birthday! Didn’t know a cool project like this even existed.

    Also, I’d like to enter ;D I was created last December so I’m both young and old enough to qualify xD

  24. that is so cool, i would like to be signed up, i dont know how to do anything really yet. some help and info would be awesome. i joined back on 16july

  25. i want to enter, oh please let me enter. man i hope there is a chance of me winning, i could sure use those plexes, to keep my account up plus start my alt back up to train him more.

  26. Hi, I’m too young for this (only 7 days) and I’m still looking for my place in Eve. I wish good luck to everyone. Cheers, Vlad Peternut

  27. Congrats and Happy Birthday!

    Would love to join! My birthday is 2013.05.05 – my character name is the same, StirFriedNoodles.

  28. This… all of this, is awesome. Great iniciative. Congratulations for one whole year, and for many more years of donations and ships blown up!
    So entering the give away. Kliff Kast, here, and best of luck for everyone. o/

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  30. Also I like to join! My character name is “Dutch Todoko” and I am from the early feb 2013.

    I knew this existed but I though it was som sort of a scam, turns out not to be!

  31. 2013.01.12 00:31:58 dob char name hawkra firehawk friend mentioned this to me.. i joined the community earlier this year because of him and i do enjoy it. lol i can play on my time or when i have time.. still learning alot tho..

  32. Hi! I would like to enter this contest, please. I’m a newbie to EVE, trying to find my way. My account was created 5/8/13. How does one donate to the project? I never mind giving what I can!
    Thank you

  33. I’d like to get in on this (character is Sserya Hanaya). I think I’m just about able to make this (started 04/06 (as in 4th June, cause some people do dates differently), just after Odyssey launched).

    Kind of between internets at the moment, so not able to do much more than log in to check my skill training’s still going, but this seems like a great thing to go to once I’m up and running (money I can sort on my own, but advice is always useful).

  34. I’ve been playing for less than a year. I’d love to enter!

    Kiah Chelien is my in-game name. Thanks!

  35. I would like to enter, I also gave you an ingame mail too. What would be helpful is a more extensive explination on eqiping ships and riggings, Most players just do the trial by error but it would be nice to see what works in a database or something.

    • Try a program called “EVE fitting tool”. That will do what you are asking…
      Google it, I don’t know if links are allowed here

  36. I’d like to enter! As a newer player this is fantastic, I wasn’t aware the angel project did what it does until now. If only i’d heard about when I first started, things are still a struggle sometimes. Thus is Eve :p

  37. I think that’s awesome, people like Santa Spirit, Holiday Spirit and those who back both you and them are proud of you.

    I know that My corp and it’s helpers are.


    • PS. I’m too old for your contest and while I do have young enough toons to enter, I’m not worried about it.
      We did send you a little something to help you out though.


  38. Just started a week or so ago and it is the most complex game I’ve played in quite a while, which is one of the reasons I’m enjoying it. Not to mention the sci-fi genre barely exists in the world of mmo’s and it’s nice to find a good one!

  39. Please enter me in the Angel project, and Thank You very much for this opportunity.
    My character name is BenJoe Athonille.

  40. this is seriously an awesome thing to do! maybe after about 1-2 years in eve i can start my own corp and help out new players as well.

  41. Sindel, this is such an awesome thing that you are doing! It’s fun to think that I’ve even got a chance to win such awesome stuff. Many thanks – Tezz.

  42. Please add me in please to the contest! b-day of 1/17/2013. Not been able to play for a few months due to lack of being able to have time or funds for sub, would be awesome to win something!! ~hops up and down, hoping to get picked~

  43. As Dirk D’Aguilar’s authorised representative, I’d like to place an entry. Been in for just over two glorious, frustrating and addictive months.
    In-game pilot: Dirk D’Aguilar.

    Nice guys may not finish first, but they sleep well at night….

  44. Please enter me in this drawing, im still pretty new and got podded Last night and im trying really hard to recover from that. The reward from this would be awesome!

  45. Noooooo. I’m not old enough to enter. I’ve only been in Eve for a month. If only I’d joined a few weeks before.

  46. Me, too, please! (Same addy as Kah’hala but on a different account.) The reply from this toon disappeared when I added Kah’hala’s details.

  47. Congrats for the anniversary, and i want to wish u many years helping new players like me in EVE, u can consider me your friend and want to thank u for good work, and dont forgot, my toon is born on 06.07.2013, so i want to be part of your contest

  48. I am a 2013 player so enter me in.

    As mentioned above, I would also like to know how to donate ISK/surplus stuff to this awesome project.

    • Hey Edam,

      Sorry for the delay; it’s been a little crazy over here! All isk and item donations can be made to The Angel Project. All I ask is that the items and stuff be located in Empire. I have a giant web of hauling volunteers who do great things like move assets to a central location for me.

      Thank you for considering giving to my cause! I appreciate any and all help!


  49. Wow, what an amazing initiative!! Who knew generous guys like you exsisted in the EVE universe. But well i would like. I have been a member since the 4th of june. I would very much like to enter the competetion. My characters name is Silvia Kion



  50. This really is a great giveaway! I’m still trying to get into Manufacturing and R&D, I guess one of these starter packs would be a great help. Or one of the first prizes of course :D
    Char Birthday is 20th of September, 2012 and Char Name is Nora Arlen. Does the account have to be active at the time of the drawing? I’m currently unsubbed due to vacation.

  51. Job well done!

    This game can be a bit overwhelming. The work you’re doing is both needed and appreciated! Keep up the good work!

  52. First thanks a TON for doing this for the community.
    My start date is June 20 2013 so I’ll be at the 45 day mark by August, but how will you know our character creation date? I don’t really want to give my account info out…

  53. Toon name: Ho Wai Tsang, I just tweeted you.. about to EVE-Mail you (never even used EVE Mail yet!)

    I just started playing this month… bought 30 days because the trial ran out. Rookie Chat has been helpful but seeing that PLEX and ISK are being given out… I want in on that!

  54. this is great, I’d like to sign up! I just started on the 21rst and I’ve been amazed by how much help there is for new players. thanks!

  55. It’s about time an angel drops down from the heavens!!! This sounds like an awesome idea and will give hope to all eve online noobies like myself. Don’t forget my entry in the draw date and thanks for doing this for us.

  56. I retired from the US Navy 4 years ago and have been playing themepark MMOs for quite some time. I heard about EVE from time to time and until last month I never tried it. Now I regret never trying it … this is what Star Wars Galaxies should have been (along with development of planets) or even especially Star Trek Online. We need exploration, that’s what its all about. It’s not perfect, but it’s far better than I ever imagined. I just joined in June and looks like I’m stuck just a few days shy of your 45 days… but I wish that wasn’t the case. Good Luck to all the winners (btw, my name I used is my character’s name)

  57. This sounds awesome :)

    I don’t know if I’m ‘old’ enough in EVE time to qualify but put my name in anyway :)


  58. well I have just started a toon and am not decided which race to take am doing a Caldari right now on trial and am enjoying it I wish there more people like you willing to help it might sway more people like me to stay past the Trial. Wishing The Angel Project continued success in your endeavors

  59. Hi there i have 3 accounts Mortis Deo, Exodus Sephyr all in the time period demanded. It will be very helpfull to receive some bónus to help the startup :D


  60. Happy Birthday Angel Project – and – What a great idea for us newbies… I think i am old enough so yes please put my name in the hat…

  61. ENTER ME PLEASE! (Finch Ronuken)

    I never even heard of the Angel Project until this was posted on CCP’s official game news channel. I have got to say that this is a great endeavor. It’s good to know that’s there is another side to EvE opposite all the “douchbaggery”. Although, I’m sure that the scales might tip more to one side ;p

    Anyways, I’m relatively new (started in Feb/Mar this year) and the T3 would make my… year? That is my long-term goal any how.

    Flyin’ around, all pimp ‘n shizz in my T3 like “whatup, I gots me a T3″ and you’d be like “say wha?”. Me> “Uh huh sugar bits”. You > “you a bad motha'”. Me > wink and nod with sly sexy style.

    * Crosses fingers in hopes that he’ll be turned into Richard “Shaft” Roundtree overnight *

  62. Really Awesome, what a sentiment – I was okay with the douchbaggery, but I didn’t want that to be my legacy. Now that’s what I call an EVE Player!!!!
    Good luck everyone.

  63. Hi! I’d like to enter, too- this is awesome! :D

    Toon: Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci
    I’m the right age >:D

  64. Hi I’ve got a toon who did just the 21 day buddy start program, but didn’t go any further (for other game reasons – but the douchbaggery didn’t help) was born 24/6/2011 – would this still qualify? As I keep getting email’s telling me of changes and such in eve, this would be a good reason to start a “career” I guess in eve. I’d be happy to join your cause, it’s great to see the “I keel you” mentality isn’t all pervading in eve :) – the Pay it Forward ideal is really good – that film always gives me a lump at the end…'eto+Utrigas

  65. Hi, I’d like to enter your contest, I just wish I’d have known about you and your blog before I started playing this game. 45 days into it and I haven’t even a clue what I’m doing..

  66. My character DJ Rova was born this June. I love the game and trying to decide between being a miner or a 0.0 mission runner.

  67. Happy Birthday! Been playing for months and still learning new things all the time. Constantly impressed by the generosty of the Eve community.

  68. Happy late birthday! Good luck to all these entering, and hopefully you have fun with your winnings!
    If you’d be kind enough to enter Grach Anadges into this I’d be grateful. Thanks!

  69. Happy Birthday Angel Project! Been playing a bit over half a year, my character name is Shawnn Hakaisha. Thus far I have been playing mostly PVE, though I look forward to trying some PVP content in the near future too. Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate with you on this.

  70. Sindel, thank you for all the beautiful things you’ve done, including this giveaway :)
    I would love to join in. My character name is Queen of Worms and I’ve been playing since may (born 27.05.13), trying to grab pvp basics with my friends.

  71. Happy Birthday!

    In case I win something, please notify: Winthorpe Valentine

    All the best to you and your project for the future!

  72. Nice contest and a nice corp you have there (as far as i can tell from the story :)).

    Just came back to the game after a short break and still very much a newbie in EVE.

    Must be a sign that my character (account) was created on 24-07-2012.
    Not yet 1 year old when going off the 23-07-2012 :D

    Ingame character is Remitu.

    *Off to check the rest of the website now :)*

  73. Wow, thanks for offering this. I came to this blog via Neville Smit’s blog because of the the “Dumbest Ways to Die” song (which is great btw). Anyway you could get your friends at CCP to offer a package that speeds up training :)

  74. Congratulations on turning 1 year old!! My character’s 1st birthday is August 27, so maybe he’s fated to win! Throw my name in the hat too, please. Thanks for this, even if I don’t win anything.

  75. Excelent work, Angel Project. This is a post hoping to be entered for the draw. (and if you are giving away any other goodies to help, I could do with some PVP training / ships :) )

    Keep up the good work :)

  76. Hey,great thing u have there…I sent u an in-game mail but to be sure i write it also here. My IGN for the giveaway is Defan Gallentian…

  77. My character is like 3 months old in total, but I stopped playing 1,5 years ago due to timeissues and just started again, so I guess my account is older, if I can get a price anyway I’d of course be very happy :D.
    charname: Lyk D’9
    Good luck to everyone, and I hope your project will keep on going with success.

  78. Sign me up! Spacedrobit’s the name. I’ve been playing about 5 and a half months now and am having a blast!

    Regardless of winning or not, I’d just like to say that this is awesome that you’re doing this. No other game but EVE could create a community like this!

  79. Well, my trial account was created on 08-06-2013, but I upgraded with a 3-month subscription right after i finished creating my character (Kalysto de’Leonn). I didn’t waste any time. So my toon is not on a trial; however, I’m guessing I will still be uneligible to even enter the contest, because I am less than “45-days old”… if so, there should be a way to determine if an account is still in trial-status (easier said than done, I’m sure). This seems like a very rare event that’s happening, and I really HATE to miss out on even entering the contest due to my toon’s age; since I have already upgraded my account…. but I can’t complain too much… these are first world problems :-)

    • Hey! The reason for the age requirement is so that there is no way possible for the account to be a trial. I’m sorry you don’t meet the rules for this contest . . . but that doesn’t mean it don’t get to receive help.

      Sure, a contest like this doesn’t happen often, but we give things away every day. Just pop into our channel or send me an Eve mail and we can talk more about what you need and how I can help.

      Take care!

  80. Hello There ! nice to meet this web!!!!
    I just Started EVE Online .5 days now
    I’ll like a help with Skills and all u can give ;) i’ll he happy !
    Doing PvE atm for ISK and waiting for good skills !

  81. Hello! My character’s name is Woeste Veegmachine, 47 days old, and I’d like to sign up for the contest!

  82. Hey Sindel,

    This is an absolutely amazing thing you are doing for new and struggling players alike, I’m glad there is someone out in the deep space looking out for us newbies who are stuck not getting anywhere, or just don’t know where to go!

    I would like to enter Adrian Fluxion into the competition, thank you so much for this opportunity!


  83. Hi I am new to EVE but love the game…. I would very much like to try for this pot of gold! Thank you and your team for your help and incredible support :-)

  84. Hey, i’ve just found out about Your move and im very impressed that there are still people willing to help others out, as i’m not a hardcore player myself i play eve every year for few months, game realy succumb your time and i can’t afford for such luxuries :(
    Anyway I’m coming back this weekend, still i’m kinda washed out cause of losing my Tengu R.I.P – Maybe I will win some prize tho, who knows…

  85. Happy Birthday,

    Speaking of birthday its mine on Sept 1 and I thinking winning a present would be just swell :)

    Roland AdventPrime

    ps I think Redawn AdventPrinme would love to win two since we are twins :)

  86. Hey!
    I just found about your project and birthday party :)
    Happy birthay!
    I would like to enter draw for the prizes if it is not too late :9
    Have a nice day!

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