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The Angel Project is an Eve Online charity.  Created in 2012, it is a one-woman organization (along with a few dozen volunteers) devoted to assisting new and struggling players with purchasing the tools they need to survive and succeed in New Eden.  In addition to providing monetary support, The Angel Project also helps players find and build relationships with veteran players with knowledge in various fields of game-play.  Volunteers with backgrounds in PvP, PvE, Planetary Interaction, Research and Industry, Mining and Faction Warfare are available to answer questions and assist players.

For more information, or to request a donation, send an Eve mail to The Angel Project or please join The Angel Project chatroom.  Please send all isk donations to The Angel Project and not Sindel Pellion– I like to keep my personal and my charity’s wallets separate.  All donations of items and ships can be donated in any high security station.  I have a large network of volunteers who can pick things up and bring them to my home, currently in Amarr.




Now that I’ve gotten all that boring business stuff out of the way, let’s talk for real.  You need a ship?  A skillbook?  Did you get ganked?  Are you so completely lost that you’re ready to quit Eve entirely?  I want to help.

I’ve gathered over 20 billion isk and 5000 ships in the last year.  In addition to helping individual players, I donate large piles of ships to events and organizations such as:

Brave Newbies
Eve University
Tuskers FFA
Eve Games
Stay Frosty
Nightmare in New Eden
Pod and Planet fiction contest


The winners of 2015 The Angel Project birthday drawing were announced here and here. Thanks to everyone who entered and congrats to our 13 lucky winners!!!!

The winners of 2014 The Angel Project birthday drawing were announced here. Thanks to everyone who entered and congrats to our 10 lucky winners!!!!

The winners of 2013 The Angel Project birthday drawing were announced here.  Thanks to everyone who entered and congrats to our 7 lucky winners!!!!




  1. FIRST… to donate. Contract up. :3

  2. So I have 40 thrasher hulls lying around that I cba to haul into lowsec to use. I’ll throw you a mail later, unless I forget, so you can tell me where you want them shipped to for this project 🙂

  3. Thank you so much!

    • Josh aka Alagal aka Dylan Patrick aka Kristin Marie

      wouldn’t mind joining your corp. guess I’ll try looking it up in EVE.

  4. Most people in EVE think if you do something good to others or donate ISK – you are stupid or naiv. Most of them will try to abuse you goodness and laugh about you, if you give them something and say “She is so naiv”. Many players create noob alt chars to collect ISK from good people, so you have to be very carefull about whom you give ISK.
    Be good and philanthropic, but dont be naiv.
    I will try to donate something.

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  6. Chad aka Terminalverlocit

    I would like to talk to you about helping each other out with your angle project. Please contact me in game or out via mail. Thanks for you time.

    P.s. this is kind of time sensitive thanks

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  11. hey im hopeing you could spare some isk for a old player returning 🙂

  12. Petros Ives-Rublee

    I’m not begging, personally. My character is Enki Marduk. I’m looking for ISK to buy a Mackinaw. If you can help me, I will be very grateful.

  13. I like what you are doing Sindel so I will definately donate,,, I have a great deal on the market in Amarr and have many modules that I’ve collected doing missions, in a day or two ( when I find my Orca driver ) we’ll ship a load in your direction,, I have your address, so we will drop instation for you,,,, great work,, keep it up

  14. you will pretty much do anything for attention. you are right. it’s all about you. pretty narcissitic tbqfh.

    • Sindel Pellion

      I find it very hard to take anything you say to me seriously if you can’t even use your main to to it. When I said things are “all about me” in that one blog post, it was tongue-in-cheek. It’s rarely about me, friend. I try very hard to be an active member of the community and help people enjoy this game.

      What the hell have YOU done besides bully some girl on the internet?

  15. Josh aka Alagal aka Dylan Patrick aka Kristin Marie

    we have indeed fallen on hard times. moving from region to region trying to find the corp that probably doesn’t exist. right now we are in the Forge, Ikami, Hurtoken areas. Considering starting a three account corp because we’re down to maybe 40 million ISK between the three of us. Every time I get into a corp that seems promising and I move the PI to a nearby system (wasting and spending 20 million per move each) that corp either ejects me or goes to all out war.

    here’s what I am looking for-
    -a corp that is miner, missions and noob pvp friendly without being at war with everyone.
    -a corp/alliance that all three of my pilots can be in that isn’t in constant war. I’m not a strong PVP pilot yet, focusing mostly on PI, mining and industry. and war is bad for business in those fields. I don’t care if we are spread out over three corps in one alliance, I just would like to have toons that I play constantly able to benefit the corp we are in no matter which one I am playing right now. if you catch my drift.

    I appreciate that the Angel Project exists and I wish that asking for XXX amount of ISK would fix my problem, but it won’t. finding the right corp will.


    • Josh aka Alagal aka Dylan Patrick aka Kristin Marie

      I mean one account, three man corp.

    • I run an open 23/7 mining fleet in Otela, 3 jumps from Jita and 6 jumps from Ikami. I tend to invite every miner I see, and since I started in february, the fleet has grown into a very nice community. Some of these nice people are recruiting for their corp, so you might be able to find the right corp here. And if not, you are still welcome to join my fleet any time =)

      Check the bio on Astecus if you have any questions, or want to read more about my fleet.


    • Hey I just wanted to see how your search was going. Mt Name in game is Cedric Helm. I am one of the directors of a high sec mining corp. If you were still in need of a corp to join convo me in game or evemail me if I never seem to be on. Hope to hear from you soon and also hope your search is going well.

  16. Hello

    I have just started with eve and i was pretty lost at the beginning. well i still am, but not on the same level anymore. unfortunately my char’s age is only a week but i still want to express my appreciation for people who want to help people in this crazy complexe game 🙂 as soon as i am old (the eve-old kind) i want to participate and send some money and some loot in for a good purpouse, just like this one.

    cheers guys

  17. Jerakeen Hadahara

    I’m not eligible for your competition as I’ve only been in Eve for a month but I really like your approach so you’ll find a small donation from me in your wallet.

  18. Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci

    Hey there! I don’t know if this contest is open still, but if it is, I’m joining 😀

  19. ok so how do i join the angel project ??

    • Pinky,

      The Angel Project isn’t a corporation you can join, it’s a movement. The only reason I put Angel in her own corp is so that I could keep my personal wallet and the project’s wallet separate and make contracts on behalf of the organization. It was never my intention to bring new players into my corp as I considered it to be a liability.

      HOWEVER, you do not have to be affiliated with me to receive things from me; that’s not how this works. The idea is for you to go into New Eden and explore different options and figure out what you want to do. I am here to provide anyone, regardless of age or affiliation, with the tools they need to do so. What does this mean? It means that everyone can receive help. Everyone can donate and know that the people asking for donations are not being judged. Even if you have red standings with me (Sindel Pellion), I will (as Angel) give you what you need. I only ask that you not shoot me with it!

      My suggestion? Do things in the game. Run missions, explore, engage in low-sec combat, shoot a POS for 3 hours– just find something you LOVE. And after you find it– or, hell, even before– decide what you need or what you want and write to The Angel Project in-game. I’ll hook you up.

      I hope this answers your question.


  20. i’d like to enter this drawing :3 character name is Selket Shihari

  21. Hi!! I would like to enter this drawing as well. It would be very nice to have a little more isk to cover all the training manuals, rig fittings etc. I mine ALOT and pull my weight but winning some prizes would be very cool indeed.

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  23. I would love to enter the drawing, my eve name is Carson Dauber

  24. I just read about the Angel Project and I have so much respect for people helping others in this verse! Don’t listen to the trolls. Haters gonna hate… potatoes gonna potate. ^___^

    With my character Ashira Aza, I try to get into logistics for e.g. Incursions. So I would love to enter the competition.

    I am of course willing to give back and support the project in the future, despite me winning something or not.
    Such a great idea. Keep going Sindel

    P.S. I am searching for a corp in need of a soon to be logistics pilot, so if anyone wants to teach me the ropes, that would be superawesome. Thanks 🙂

  25. phil talking raven

    EVE is the best gaming community i have come across. So much to learn. I lose ships and consider it a learning experience. Have just been grinding missions till i have enough exp for pvp. I am vars narone in game. This is such a good idea. Thanks for being supportive.

  26. I would love to enter the drawing, my eve name is Varg Wardruna

  27. Hey Sindel do you have a chat channel where you hang out I wouldn’t mind answering questions related to EvE for newbies using your Angel project Shoot me a mail the name is Medarr

  28. Amazing initiative! Looks like you have done very well for yourself 🙂 Recently began playing myself and got hooked immediately. It’s really interesting how this game is run by the players and tons of stuff to see!

    Sign me up: Sanyori Aideron
    and best of luck to all!

  29. I left the game for over 3 years. I left while living in Fountain. I was able to escape with a few things, but left soooo much behind. I have no interest in travelling 42 jumps each way in my freighter due to time and danger. If I contract this stuff can you get in and out safely because of your organization? Or do I have to deliver?

  30. betweentwohorizons

    Excellent work! As a former supporter and contributor to Project Halibut, I love these programs. I have been playing this game 6 years now (the last year and a half in null sec) and I am still amazed at all the cool things that I find; this project being one of them. Once I get home tonight, I will sift through my things and see what I can donate to this cause… I do not hold anything against you because you are married to a PL guy (who probably has been a part of blapping my combat pilot over the last year) LOL… I will keep an eye on the project’s progress and do what I can to help you keep it a success. Fly safe o7

    • I started playing Eve seriously around the time Project Halibut disappeared, but they were a big inspiration to this project. I appreciate any help I can get, especially from a Project Halibut alum!

      Also… I’m in PL, too. *ducks*

  31. Roland AdventPrime

    Id love to help out in some way.

    what does a guy have to do to be a full time volenteer for you?

    also id love to win a ship 🙂

    have a great day everyone 🙂

  32. o/ Sup,

    I have a lot of Assets im way too lazy to gather together, are you accepting items & stuff as well, or only Ships and Isk? 🙂

  33. This is really neat, do I just leave a post to enter? Also is there any way I can donate?

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  36. Why must women infect everything with socialism?

  37. Jessica May Nicole/Undercoverpenguin

    Hey 🙂

    Still have that Gnosis I donated? I hope it’s going to a very lucky person!
    My sub ran out (on both chars :c) but I’ll be around soon enough to donated more!

    See you soon,
    Jessica May Nicole

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  39. Will you also be supporting the new guys on the block, Darwins Lemmings ?

    Background info :

  40. I would love to support this with occasional donations from what I make IF there’s anyone in out there that can help me increase my PI yields. I don’t think I’m doing it right. I think I should be making a lot more based on what I have read and seen on you tube. anyone know of an null systems left mostly alone with good PI and ice belts? oh and anyone got a CN Raven, Rattlesnake or Scorpion bpo laying around that they don’t need? Fly Safe everyone.

  41. Hi there, I’m Cagali, the director of education and recruitment for the Brave Collective.

    I also oversee the Brave Dojo, Eve’s premiere help channel, and the recipient of the signature generosity of the Angel Project. You gave our newbies, recently awash in nullsec, hundreds of ships and frigates, and previously sent hundreds of ships our way.

    I Cannot endorse your service enough. You have helped us immeasurably, and your example is highly regarded by me and all the staff of the Dojo.

    I will continue to extol your virtues, and encourage our richer people to help you where they can.

    Thank you for your kind assistance.

  42. Hi Sindel,
    I’d like to offer my services as an mentor to either a single or small group of players. More than happy to teach he basics across the board as I’ve done everything from Null Sec to FW, Indy and everything in between. I’d only ask that they have the a mic and able to speak english as I live in the UK. Drop me a mail if you have any candidates.

  43. King Rothgar aka Martin Ashwill


    so i have to say im impresed by what you are doing here, this is awsome and i cant belive i missed out on it until now.
    I look what i can spare on isk and ships and send it over to you, and if you guys ever need a mentor that speaks german let me know, i focus myself on pvp/pve but i should be able to help in any area of the game and of course im willing to help you guys in english aswell (if you can bear my accent).

    Keep up the good work.

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  46. Hey there, my name is fraps I have been playing Eve for a while and I know of someone who could Use a Helping hand……
    His Name is Haram Meir And that’s his In-Game Name.
    He was invited into a WH corp and after he moved ALL his things into the WH, he was Ganked and Lost everything he owned, he is Now mining with a Venturer again to make some isk back and buy a ship.
    I wondered if anyone here would be able to organise a collection to get a Stratios contracted to him…. Now the reason I thought of that ship is because he has that ship skilled to level 5, and he could make some Isk by doing high sec exploration, now I would do this however im always skint in eve with never more than like 26 mill in my bank.
    I will however donate something towards his ship if we can get one bought for him.

    • Send a message to The Angel Project in-game, please, reminding me about this, and we’ll see about making it happen.

      I appreciate your generous spirit. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you as well.

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  50. Why no love for Pro Synergy? 🙁

    • I get suggestions on who to donate to, as well as requests from the organizations themselves. I can’t help you if I don’t know you’re there. 🙁 Send a message to The Angel Project in game. We’ll chat.

  51. Hey,

    so this is still a thing? I didn´t hear annything from this Project in over a Year so thought it Died, aaand then forgot about it till i got an email yesterday, because i aperently subscribed here back in 2014, i also forgot that :p.

    But anyways thats good news for the eve communety. And hey that includes me ^^.

    So ill send you some funds and renew my offer from 2 years ago if you need an extra pvp tutor or pve i guess, im willing to help,

    Best Regards
    King Rothgar

    i still speak german and english

    • Yeah, I’m still here. I run things on more of a part-time basis now (the burn-out is real!!!) but I do respond to all mails and requests. Thanks again for your offer– happy to see you still speak English! 😛

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