Happy 4th Birthday, TAP!

  When I started The Angel Project four years ago, I never thought I’d get the momentum I needed to get it off the ground, let alone keep it going this long. So before I start getting all crazy and listing off prizes, I’d like to thank the Eve Online … C’mon. Click here. You know you wanna.

The Surreal World: Iceland

** Sin’s note: I keep writing and re-writing this post because everything that I write sounds like all smug and boastful. Please know that is not my intent. I am now on hour 14 of this post and, hopefully, I can convey just how humbled and grateful I am for … C’mon. Click here. You know you wanna.

That’s How we Know…

    I’ve never hidden how I feel about the CFC. Granted, I don’t like to talk about politics of any sort for a number of reasons, so I don’t just run my mouth about it but, yeah, not a fan. I’ve had five years to come to this opinion. … C’mon. Click here. You know you wanna.

Brother, and the Importance of Spam

  Sometimes, recording music is quick and painless. Sometimes, no matter how hard I try, I can’t get the sound I want. The same parts get recorded over and over until either The Adobe God decides to stop torturing me and gives me one good take… or I shelf the … C’mon. Click here. You know you wanna.


    With 6 weeks to go until Fanfest 2016, it’s time to get all of our plans finalized. Hotels, flights, extras, hair and nail appointments . . . Just me on the hair and nails thing, huh? Hmph. Anyhoo, one of the highlights of any #tweetfleet-ers trip to Iceland … C’mon. Click here. You know you wanna.

Why PVE in Eve Sucks

    I don’t write on my blog often. I mean, I want to, but there are other things I’d rather be doing: playing video games, writing songs about video games. I keep my blog up and active just in case the mood hits, but I don’t pay attention to … C’mon. Click here. You know you wanna.

OTDR- Reminder of the Rules

  Starting today, February 11, 2016, I’ll be doing a #TBT stream. Anything I play on Thursdays has to be more than 5 (preferably 10) years old. To kick things off right, we’ll be doing an Oregon Trail Death Race tonight. The rules– previously published in 2013– are as follows: … C’mon. Click here. You know you wanna.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Eve-Mas

      I’ve been working on this song since December of 2012. It’s far from perfect, but I realized if I didn’t just release it soon, I was probably never going to. So here it is! Have Yourself a Merry Little Eve-mas, by me. From my family to yours, … C’mon. Click here. You know you wanna.

Hiatus pt. 1

    I’ve been known to disappear for months at a time. Usually it’s because of PL’s Never-Ending Deployment (part 7, now in HD) and the extreme burn-out it causes. This time, however, it’s been almost an entire year, and it’s been because of RL shit that has pretty much … C’mon. Click here. You know you wanna.

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